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Equality and Community
The Quaker Meeting is meant to be a Blessed Community Ė a living testimony to a social
order that embodies Godís peace, justice, love, compassion, and joy: an example and
invitation of a better way of life. Like our other testimonies,
Community can be a prophetic call to the rest of society.

Our belief in these testimonies stems from the conviction that
all people are of equal spiritual worth. It is concerned with the way
in which our own life-styles and behaviour increase inequalities in our world.

It was reflected in the early days of Quakerism by the equal spiritual authority of women, and by the refusal to use forms of address that recognized social distinctions. It is also reflected in our organization and worship, with the lack of clergy and any formal hierarchy.

"Liberty is not less a blessing,
because oppression has so long darkened the mind that it can not appreciate it."

                   - Lucrecia Mott